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The Biggest Subsystems

A human being, as a personality, is a biological, psychological and social entity. Those three components compose our most basic subsystems.

So, according to the OBM what underlies the big picture of other critical systems?

In the family:

The counterpart to the biological structure is reproduction and the other biological needs to be safely satisfied through economic activity.

The counterpart to the psychological structure is love and affection.

The counterpart to the social structure is relations with extended family members, other families, and neighbors.

In a firm,

The biological structure is replaced by production and services and structures related to these.

The psychological structure is replaced by human relations and administrative structures regulating them.

The relationship between a firm and society at large work in the domains of marketing and sales.

In society,

The counterpart to the biological structure is economics. The securing of biological needs happens through the economic system.

The counterpart to the psychological structure are primarily religion, but also other areas of study such as philosophy, art, science that address men’s search for meaning.

The counterpart to the social structure is culture. Politics too works to organize the social system.

The process of change, development, and coming into balance works through these dynamics be if for the individual, families, or institutions or civilizations.

The history of humanity tells this story …

And, in reality, they are the reflection of the same story at different layers.

Mastery lies in bringing these structures to a goal oriented, functional and integrated/sustainable form and holding them there …

And we will not be able to achieve happiness as long as we do not balance those three structures.

22 November 2016

Being Open

For humans;

  • is it difficult to open their eyes?
  • their mind?
  • their heart?
  • their wallet?
  • their lap?
  • their emotions?

When we were kids …

None of those were difficult …

  • We shut our eyes to run away from realities.
  • Our mind … to run away from change.
  • Our hears … to run away from heartbreak.
  • Our wallets … to run away from being cheated.
  • Our lap … to run away from attachment.
  • And we shut down our emotions out of fear of getting belittled.

But, human beings need to selectively open themselves …

Then life opens itself back o them …

  • When we open our eyes we come to accept truths.
  • When we open our mind, we find it easier to be in harmony with change.
  • When we open our hearts, we rediscover the “we”
  • When we open our wallets, correctly, we begin to understand materiality
  • When we open our laps, we find the courage to be in touch again.
  • When we open our emotions, we begin to correctly direct our emotions.

How much do we open ourselves?

How much are you yourself open?

November 12, 2016

Thoughts on Time and Infinity…

I remember when the idea of thresholds becoming clear to me. I was in the USA, in the Grand Canyon. You can see the world from layer to layer there. In a canyon about a mile deep, you could see the Colorado river stream. In its own ecology it was a whole but at the same time those layers allowed you to go back in time for millions of years. And they were all of different times and allowed us to witness infinity here on earth.

Our mind keeps traveling in time …

Some things allow us to stay here and now …

The things we see, the things we hear, and everything we sense through our five senses …

They join with emotions …

But emotions take us back to the past …

And sometimes to the future …

To dreams or anxieties of the future ….

And outside all of these and containing them is infinity …. If you could ask the ocean, sitting at its edge … What can you tell me about infinity? What have you learned? Your emotions? The things you have witnessed about human beings? What would she tell us?

The earth, the seas, trees, burial grounds, monuments, old books, a grain of sand, a pebble …

I guess they’d all say …

Live in the moment, know of infinity, balance yesterday and tomorrow in today …

31 October 2016